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Merienda: A Filipino’s Favorite Afternoon Snack

               Filipinos have the tradition of taking a light meal in the afternoon which we call “merienda.” The merienda usually consists of coffee paired with breads and pastries. The most typical bread is pandesal but for my preference, I take sliced bread. I’ve always savored the taste of coffee even at a young age. It even tastes better when you dip a piece of bread and take a bite (The Filipino version of oreo dipped in milk). It gives me the soft feeling from the moistened bread like it melts on your mouth and warm feeling from the hot coffee. I do rather have more cream or milk on it and sugar on my coffee. I do not like to take in too much caffeine.

              Why do we do it? Some people said that it was to sterilize bread before eating it. Not really. I think it’s just a great a combination and a fun way of eating bread. The meal tastes good with the bittersweetness.

              Well, look at my panda mug. Isn’t it cute?

Do you dip bread into coffee too?


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Green Dream

This is my DREAM.

        When I first watched this vid around 2 years ago, I knew I wanted to go to this place and take a swim. It’s just so beautiful. It’s Green Lake found in Styria, Austria. It’s a park during winter that’s why you see a bench and roads around. But during summer, the ice around the mountains melts and it serves as a catch basin. So the result? It’s flooded. I know it would be pretty cold but I think it’s worth the adventure. Someday, when I have enough moolah, I’ll definitely fly towards Austria.

I just wonder where all the fishes go after it dries up.