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Restoring Childhood

It’s Sunday. Just like our usual routine, we go to church, sing praises to God and bond with the family. Parents would bring their children along. I noticed how kids from different families would look at each other. It’s a very common picture at church, but just then did I realize that there’s a deeper meaning in it. It’s as if they are talking to each other in just one simple way – by just looking through each other’s eyes.  I was thinking it’s their way of telling someone “Hey! I wanna play with you.” Children have this friendly atmosphere.  They all have this mutual understanding of friendship. It doesn’t matter if they look different or they are strangers to one another but as long as they know they can be good friends, they take the chance of talking to each other and play together.

We all have undergone childhood. But it is disheartening to know that as adults we have become, we lost that childish thought. Nowadays, people look at strangers with malicious thoughts. We learn to judge them by their looks. A guy with a scrappy guise is thought to have ill intentions. A girl wearing make-up is ascertained to be a bitch. We have grown aware of the difficulties and dangers of life that we have become paranoid. No wonder we are living in a complicated world. But why can’t we all think the same as kids do? Make our life simpler. Think only of good intentions. Restore our childhood. By that we can live a life of love and friendship. 🙂