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For a Mother to Keep

          Happy Mother’s Day to every mom! Well, I wouldn’t also forget to greet my grandmother. So here I am again, making a card for my mom. I’ve been doing this since childhood and the only times I didn’t was when we bought a cake instead. We’ve been flooded from last year’s typhoon Sendong and all the cards my mom kept that we, her children, have made,  are gone. So I decided I’d make another one this year.

           It’s the front cover. . . pretty plain and simple. I’ve been out of ideas because I haven’t prepared for this day. So this is what I’ve managed. With a little tutorial from youtube, I made those flowers. Just fold and flip!

         Inside my card, I made a poem. If appearance can’t guarantee the proof of my efforts, then I guess being lyrical can make up for it. Added some doodles, not to forget a picture of a panda and then done! I apologize for the poor penmanship. 🙂

          If you can’t manage to read from the photo, I’ll quote it.

Flowers may grow and wither

But words can live until forever

So three things I have to say

To you this Mother’s Day

First, I want to THANK YOU

For the love and care you give that is true

For staying strong for the family

While heavy burdens you have to carry

Second, as I must, I DO APOLOGIZE

For the mistakes I have come to realize

These things, I know, must have hurt you

But to inflict pain I didn’t intend to

Finally, I’ll say the words that greatly signify

‘Cause despite the times that I defy

In spite of the instances that I disappoint you

My actions may show contrast, I DO LOVE YOU.


Every Teenager Should See this

I would want to post something original today but I just can’t help myself from sharing this vid. It just inspired me to be different in some way. 🙂

*I do not own this video

Teacher’s Present

It’s my second time to draw something like this.  Here are photos of our simple celebration of our Adviser’s birthday. Click the images to see the details 😀

The video’s here anyway:


My First Stop Motion Video

          I’ve done it!

          Well, why the exclamation? because it took me several hours to finish it. With all the retakes and editing, it’s frustrating when there are too many mistakes. The finished product still has those flaws though. But I’m glad it’s done.

Here it is :

             I know you think it’s not really that good. The backgrounds are not so attractive. There were kinda like repetitions of clips and the shadows and part of my hands peeked through your vista. Sometimes, the scenes didn’t match the rhythm of the song too.

              More like a disappointment than an achievement. But that’s what I think, not what I feel. It feels great to have a finished product while you were having fun in the process. I made use of props available in the house. I took the mugs of my parents and siblings cause I didn’t know what else to take! I even used the action figures (the spinning/dancing ladies) from the debut cakes of my elder sisters. haha. But it was exasperating doing the ‘video making’ especially because I was using the old Windows Movie Maker. Talk about mouse freeze and computer hangs.

             Reminds me, I delayed doing my plate for the application of alphabet lines due tomorrow Monday just to finish this. hmmm… forgetting my priorities. I haven’t even gone to the bathroom/toilet. I was wondering why my tummy felt a little uncomfy and now I know. I should be meeting John now. I might have urinary tract infection(naks, scientific). And what’s that smell? … Is that me? Oh no. It’s not me. Just my body. xD

            Well I hope you enjoyed the music at least. It’s by Clara Chung. She a pretty good singer. I suggest you go to youtube and listen to some of her songs.

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Restoring Childhood

It’s Sunday. Just like our usual routine, we go to church, sing praises to God and bond with the family. Parents would bring their children along. I noticed how kids from different families would look at each other. It’s a very common picture at church, but just then did I realize that there’s a deeper meaning in it. It’s as if they are talking to each other in just one simple way – by just looking through each other’s eyes.  I was thinking it’s their way of telling someone “Hey! I wanna play with you.” Children have this friendly atmosphere.  They all have this mutual understanding of friendship. It doesn’t matter if they look different or they are strangers to one another but as long as they know they can be good friends, they take the chance of talking to each other and play together.

We all have undergone childhood. But it is disheartening to know that as adults we have become, we lost that childish thought. Nowadays, people look at strangers with malicious thoughts. We learn to judge them by their looks. A guy with a scrappy guise is thought to have ill intentions. A girl wearing make-up is ascertained to be a bitch. We have grown aware of the difficulties and dangers of life that we have become paranoid. No wonder we are living in a complicated world. But why can’t we all think the same as kids do? Make our life simpler. Think only of good intentions. Restore our childhood. By that we can live a life of love and friendship. 🙂