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Savoring My Semi-Productive Summer


My Summer ends today. Enrollment starts tomorrow and the next thing I know, classes and quizzes and homework will start rolling in like an avalanche. Everyone deserves a fairy-tale-like happy ending right?

Today, my highschool classmate Maureen treated each of us a whole plate of pizza before she goes back to CMU. Never been served with an assortment, eh? I had these slices from bartering with ’em. I thought we looked ridiculous in the pizzeria considering we’re a loud bunch of cool kids. Maybe we looked like arguing over our own slices, but we weren’t really. We’re just naturally noisy, or should I say, THEY are naturally noisy :3 




We then headed to Wat Ever KTV Bar, which I didn’t take much participation because I went home earlier, afraid that my mom might turn austere about my outdoor rendezvous with my friends if I come home late. We would have been done earlier if only people showed up on the exact time we were supposed to meet – 1 pm. But Filipino time it is and they showed up 2 hours late. Seriously, I don’t blame anyone because I love my friends as hard as I’d stamp on a cockroach. 

I had a great summer although I wasn’t able to do all things on the list like learn how to bake, master the morse code, read 15 books (I only managed 11 cause I was busy living my actual life). I had a memorable summer of service working with my orgmates in KKP for the May 2013 National Elections, nurturing my experience and social relationship despite taking most of my days in April and the half month of May. I can’t forget working 3 sleepless days for some posters for the Candidate’s Forum that were rejected which I was too lazy to write about. T.T  Other events include Casey’s birthday, Aquatro Reunion/Outing, visits to my dentist, and.. well, yeah, that’s it. I can’t remember the rest of the insignificant happenings. I spent the rest of my summer watching movies and anime. Okay, it’s getting boring so give me the honor to end with a period.


Merienda: A Filipino’s Favorite Afternoon Snack

               Filipinos have the tradition of taking a light meal in the afternoon which we call “merienda.” The merienda usually consists of coffee paired with breads and pastries. The most typical bread is pandesal but for my preference, I take sliced bread. I’ve always savored the taste of coffee even at a young age. It even tastes better when you dip a piece of bread and take a bite (The Filipino version of oreo dipped in milk). It gives me the soft feeling from the moistened bread like it melts on your mouth and warm feeling from the hot coffee. I do rather have more cream or milk on it and sugar on my coffee. I do not like to take in too much caffeine.

              Why do we do it? Some people said that it was to sterilize bread before eating it. Not really. I think it’s just a great a combination and a fun way of eating bread. The meal tastes good with the bittersweetness.

              Well, look at my panda mug. Isn’t it cute?

Do you dip bread into coffee too?