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Teacher’s Present

It’s my second time to draw something like this. ┬áHere are photos of our simple celebration of our Adviser’s birthday. Click the images to see the details ­čśÇ

The video’s here anyway:



Digital Art

i don’t know if this counts in digital art but I made the photos when I was twelve. I drew girls and then scan them to my computer and apply some color using photoshop. I was trying to make it look like in animes but I guess I failed. Nevertheless, I’m still proud of it. ­čÖé

I love witches! one of my favorite characters in fairytales. and this one is a good witch.

I love a simple outfit. Jeans and shirt is the ideal fashion for me.

I really fancy figureskating. But back then, I had trouble drawing shoes so I made it as a ballet dancer instead.

just a girl in sailor suit.

Gone to my happy place. Be back soon.

My Haven

You can find these photos in my crunchyroll profile.

My First Human Sketch

Well it’s our semestral break so I thought “why not further┬ádevelop my skills? ” I’ve always loved to draw and this is my first attempt to sketch a person. hahaha. I sketched myself because it’s the only picture outside my album. take a peek at it.

I’d been wanting to try this but I was afraid it wouldn’t be good. Well, at least it’s worth a try.