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For a Father to Wear

Since I have posted my present for my mom, I might as well should post my gift for my father. Just to be fair. ūüėÄ

Converse Cap

I bought it on a friday during the night cafe – a bazaar of very affordable items in Divisoria. We had no class in PE but I waited all afternoon for the night shop. My father isn’t really fond of letters. He’s not so sentimental unlike my mom. I just felt like he wanted a cap so I bought him one. At first, it was so hard to choose from a pile of¬†headgear. Yeah, it really was… until the very end. I had no idea what kind of style guys wear. You know, the color, the design, the fabric. I didn’t really know if he’d like what I’d buy. Would he go for the trending style or the classic one? Five buyers came and went, each took their time to choose from the assorted hats, but I still haven’t decided what I’d buy. I’ve been standing there like a fool. Until one guy came and picked up a second-hand original ¬†Converse cap. First time I laid my eyes on it, I bet my father would like it. He’s one to like original and expensive stuffs. I found that out when he requested for Levi’s Jeans from my sis last Christmas. Then suddenly, that same guy eyed on another cap so he returned it on the rack (branded ones are hanged while those that are cheaper are piled like ukay-ukay). I got my chance and grabbed it immediately from the rack. I felt sorry for the guy. I think her girlfriend told him that the Converse looked nicer. They left after I took hold on it. I tried to bargain with the salesman but he wouldn’t agree. And so I paid for it. I realized it was worth the wait although it took me the whole afternoon for the night cafe to open up and almost an hour just to choose the right cap for my father’s head. When I gave him the cap, he was really happy and even immediately wore it to work ¬†the very Father’s day. That made me happy too.

*****kind of a late post. Been busy for college the past weeks.

Paper Cranes and the Mockingjay

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Featuring my mockingjay pin and rainbow paper cranes. Wooh.. they’re about to fly ^_^ All hail the mockingjay xD

¬† ¬† I was trying to learn how to fold a paper crane and¬†thanks¬†to a tutorial on youtube, I learned it quite fast. I hope I’d get to fold a thousand. ¬†And yes, I’m a THG fan. I finished the trilogy in less than a week while cleaning up the whole house after the flood.

For a Mother to Keep

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Happy Mother’s Day to every mom! Well, I wouldn’t also forget to greet my grandmother. So here I am again, making a card for my mom. I’ve been doing this since childhood and the only times I didn’t was when we bought a cake instead. We’ve been flooded from last year’s typhoon Sendong and all the cards¬†my mom kept that¬†we, her children, have made, ¬†are gone. So I decided I’d make another one this year.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†It’s the front cover. . . pretty plain and simple. I’ve been out of ideas because I haven’t prepared for this day. So this is what I’ve managed. With a little tutorial from youtube, I made those flowers. Just fold and flip!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Inside my card, I made a poem. If appearance can’t guarantee the proof of my efforts, then I guess being lyrical can make up for it. Added some doodles, not to forget a picture of a panda and then done! I apologize for the poor penmanship. ūüôā

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† If you can’t manage to read from the photo, I’ll quote it.

Flowers may grow and wither

But words can live until forever

So three things I have to say

To you this Mother’s Day

First, I want to THANK YOU

For the love and care you give that is true

For staying strong for the family

While heavy burdens you have to carry

Second, as I must, I DO APOLOGIZE

For the mistakes I have come to realize

These things, I know, must have hurt you

But to inflict pain I didn’t intend to

Finally, I’ll say the words that greatly signify

‘Cause despite the times that I defy

In spite of the instances that I disappoint you

My actions may show contrast, I DO LOVE YOU.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Hungry? Pen fries anyone? I know at some point in your life you bit the edge of your pen or pencil. So now, now. Don’t be shy and take a bite.

Protected: Tick Tock, City Clock

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Teacher’s Present

It’s my second time to draw something like this. ¬†Here are photos of our simple celebration of our Adviser’s birthday. Click the images to see the details ūüėÄ

The video’s here anyway:


Feather pens for sale!

These are feather pens I made personally from the resources around. I made it during exam period and I hope it did not affect my grades.

Digital Art

i don’t know if this counts in digital art but I made the photos when I was twelve. I drew girls and then scan them to my computer and apply some color using photoshop. I was trying to make it look like in animes but I guess I failed. Nevertheless, I’m still proud of it. ūüôā

I love witches! one of my favorite characters in fairytales. and this one is a good witch.

I love a simple outfit. Jeans and shirt is the ideal fashion for me.

I really fancy figureskating. But back then, I had trouble drawing shoes so I made it as a ballet dancer instead.

just a girl in sailor suit.

Gone to my happy place. Be back soon.

My Haven

You can find these photos in my crunchyroll profile.

My First Human Sketch

Well it’s our semestral break so I thought “why not further¬†develop my skills? ” I’ve always loved to draw and this is my first attempt to sketch a person. hahaha. I sketched myself because it’s the only picture outside my album. take a peek at it.

I’d been wanting to try this but I was afraid it wouldn’t be good. Well, at least it’s worth a try.