Welcome to my palace… I mean, my place. Here, I post different things about myself, my thoughts, my experiences and my works – literary or artistic. I am not a real life Empress but that just what I’m called at home. We, siblings, all have royal nicknames. Well, it takes too much time to think about what to write down here so I’ll give you 10 facts about myself.

♣  I like any sort of timepiece: pocket watch, alarm clock, bigben, grandfathers clock, etcetera. I dream of building a clock tower here in the city.

♣  I am introvert. I am not a good conversationalist.

♣  I like to draw and sing. 

♣ I love reading and writing. I want to have my own library and get my self-written book published.

♣ I like animes. . . since childhood.

♣ I am asian. Filipino in particular. I wear glasses. I have a funny nose which is really sensitive to dust. 

♣  There are two places where I really suck:  on  stage and in the kitchen.

♣  I hate arrogant people. I don’t really get along well with them. 

♣  I hate roaches. 

♣ I am now 18 years of age. I like dreams and adventure. I like pandas, chocolates, bicycles, cameras, youtube and colors!

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