For a Father to Wear

Since I have posted my present for my mom, I might as well should post my gift for my father. Just to be fair. 😀

Converse Cap

I bought it on a friday during the night cafe – a bazaar of very affordable items in Divisoria. We had no class in PE but I waited all afternoon for the night shop. My father isn’t really fond of letters. He’s not so sentimental unlike my mom. I just felt like he wanted a cap so I bought him one. At first, it was so hard to choose from a pile of headgear. Yeah, it really was… until the very end. I had no idea what kind of style guys wear. You know, the color, the design, the fabric. I didn’t really know if he’d like what I’d buy. Would he go for the trending style or the classic one? Five buyers came and went, each took their time to choose from the assorted hats, but I still haven’t decided what I’d buy. I’ve been standing there like a fool. Until one guy came and picked up a second-hand original  Converse cap. First time I laid my eyes on it, I bet my father would like it. He’s one to like original and expensive stuffs. I found that out when he requested for Levi’s Jeans from my sis last Christmas. Then suddenly, that same guy eyed on another cap so he returned it on the rack (branded ones are hanged while those that are cheaper are piled like ukay-ukay). I got my chance and grabbed it immediately from the rack. I felt sorry for the guy. I think her girlfriend told him that the Converse looked nicer. They left after I took hold on it. I tried to bargain with the salesman but he wouldn’t agree. And so I paid for it. I realized it was worth the wait although it took me the whole afternoon for the night cafe to open up and almost an hour just to choose the right cap for my father’s head. When I gave him the cap, he was really happy and even immediately wore it to work  the very Father’s day. That made me happy too.

*****kind of a late post. Been busy for college the past weeks.

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