Moms and Babies (nutripoem)

Three moms there are in this story
Each has their own baby of responsibility
They raise their sons differently
To how they think it should be done properly

Mother one is strict and thrifty
Some say, on money, she’s just being witty
She spends each coin and bill carefully
Never knowing her son would later turn sickly

Mother two is too gentle and kind
“Food is to be indulged,” that’s on her mind
So her son believes she is right
Now all his shirts and pants are tight

Mother three is wise and good
She takes a great deal when it comes to food
Proper nutrition and love she gives
A healthy boy is now how he lives

Three mothers, how different they may be
A parent, that’s still what we see
But if among them I have to choose
To have mother three I’d never refuse

~This was the poem I wrote for our nutrition month in 4th year high school. I didn’t know what I was really thinking that time so I wrote what I felt like writing. This was kept hidden in the notes of my Facebook account so I’d have my own copy and avoid being laughed at for it doesn’t make so much sense. I mean, it doesn’t really contain a bright idea.


  1. Dugutigui Said:

    Mother 2 and 3 are making the World as it is today. If I could choose my mom, something is not in anybody’s hands; I would rather prefer the great described No 1. Probably to place her as No 1 was a trick of your subconscious yourself… 🙂
    Nice poem anyhow!

    • aerea011 Said:

      I don’t know. Mother 1 kind of reflect some moms here in the Philippines. Some people kind of prioritize money more than health that’s why some children gets really skinny and flimsy. Thank you anyway for the compliment!

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