Green Dream

This is my DREAM.

        When I first watched this vid around 2 years ago, I knew I wanted to go to this place and take a swim. It’s just so beautiful. It’s Green Lake found in Styria, Austria. It’s a park during winter that’s why you see a bench and roads around. But during summer, the ice around the mountains melts and it serves as a catch basin. So the result? It’s flooded. I know it would be pretty cold but I think it’s worth the adventure. Someday, when I have enough moolah, I’ll definitely fly towards Austria.

I just wonder where all the fishes go after it dries up.

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  1. Dugutigui Said:

    Many fish live in areas where water is only there seasonally. Some species of fish have adapted to this by going burrowing into the soil and going dormant until the wet season. Also many fish have developed lungs in order to help breath air when their ponds dry up.

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