Savoring My Semi-Productive Summer


My Summer ends today. Enrollment starts tomorrow and the next thing I know, classes and quizzes and homework will start rolling in like an avalanche. Everyone deserves a fairy-tale-like happy ending right?

Today, my highschool classmate Maureen treated each of us a whole plate of pizza before she goes back to CMU. Never been served with an assortment, eh? I had these slices from bartering with ’em. I thought we looked ridiculous in the pizzeria considering we’re a loud bunch of cool kids. Maybe we looked like arguing over our own slices, but we weren’t really. We’re just naturally noisy, or should I say, THEY are naturally noisy :3 




We then headed to Wat Ever KTV Bar, which I didn’t take much participation because I went home earlier, afraid that my mom might turn austere about my outdoor rendezvous with my friends if I come home late. We would have been done earlier if only people showed up on the exact time we were supposed to meet – 1 pm. But Filipino time it is and they showed up 2 hours late. Seriously, I don’t blame anyone because I love my friends as hard as I’d stamp on a cockroach. 

I had a great summer although I wasn’t able to do all things on the list like learn how to bake, master the morse code, read 15 books (I only managed 11 cause I was busy living my actual life). I had a memorable summer of service working with my orgmates in KKP for the May 2013 National Elections, nurturing my experience and social relationship despite taking most of my days in April and the half month of May. I can’t forget working 3 sleepless days for some posters for the Candidate’s Forum that were rejected which I was too lazy to write about. T.T  Other events include Casey’s birthday, Aquatro Reunion/Outing, visits to my dentist, and.. well, yeah, that’s it. I can’t remember the rest of the insignificant happenings. I spent the rest of my summer watching movies and anime. Okay, it’s getting boring so give me the honor to end with a period.


Mother’s day and Election 2013

It’s been a busy week yet a festive event what with the Mother’s day celebration last May 12 and mys sister’s homecoming and birthday last May 13. On the same day was my first experience to vote. I’m quite proud of myself that I didn’t go to the precinct unprepared. I did research the candidates I’m rooting for. It’s sad I didn’t go on volunteering for NAMFREL  on election day and opted to spend the day with my sister who’s been working in Manila. I sacrificed the experience I could gain from volunteering but I didn’t regret it though. 🙂

Pre-loved books

Pre-loved books

Booyah! The books I ordered arrived yesterday afternoon. That was really fast! I thought it’d take at least three days. After paying last tuesday, I was really excited about the books. These are pre-loved or second-hand books. They’re quite in a good condition. The wonderful benefit of this is the cheaper price. We have a booksale around but the books are still relatively quite expensive for my budget plus they don’t always have the books that I want. I can’t wait to read them. I’ve always been downloading e-books and it’s straining my eyes using my phone’s ebook reader. It just feels awesome to have a real copy to read.

For a Father to Wear

Since I have posted my present for my mom, I might as well should post my gift for my father. Just to be fair. 😀

Converse Cap

I bought it on a friday during the night cafe – a bazaar of very affordable items in Divisoria. We had no class in PE but I waited all afternoon for the night shop. My father isn’t really fond of letters. He’s not so sentimental unlike my mom. I just felt like he wanted a cap so I bought him one. At first, it was so hard to choose from a pile of headgear. Yeah, it really was… until the very end. I had no idea what kind of style guys wear. You know, the color, the design, the fabric. I didn’t really know if he’d like what I’d buy. Would he go for the trending style or the classic one? Five buyers came and went, each took their time to choose from the assorted hats, but I still haven’t decided what I’d buy. I’ve been standing there like a fool. Until one guy came and picked up a second-hand original  Converse cap. First time I laid my eyes on it, I bet my father would like it. He’s one to like original and expensive stuffs. I found that out when he requested for Levi’s Jeans from my sis last Christmas. Then suddenly, that same guy eyed on another cap so he returned it on the rack (branded ones are hanged while those that are cheaper are piled like ukay-ukay). I got my chance and grabbed it immediately from the rack. I felt sorry for the guy. I think her girlfriend told him that the Converse looked nicer. They left after I took hold on it. I tried to bargain with the salesman but he wouldn’t agree. And so I paid for it. I realized it was worth the wait although it took me the whole afternoon for the night cafe to open up and almost an hour just to choose the right cap for my father’s head. When I gave him the cap, he was really happy and even immediately wore it to work  the very Father’s day. That made me happy too.

*****kind of a late post. Been busy for college the past weeks.

Paper Cranes and the Mockingjay

          Featuring my mockingjay pin and rainbow paper cranes. Wooh.. they’re about to fly ^_^ All hail the mockingjay xD

    I was trying to learn how to fold a paper crane and thanks to a tutorial on youtube, I learned it quite fast. I hope I’d get to fold a thousand.  And yes, I’m a THG fan. I finished the trilogy in less than a week while cleaning up the whole house after the flood.

For a Mother to Keep

          Happy Mother’s Day to every mom! Well, I wouldn’t also forget to greet my grandmother. So here I am again, making a card for my mom. I’ve been doing this since childhood and the only times I didn’t was when we bought a cake instead. We’ve been flooded from last year’s typhoon Sendong and all the cards my mom kept that we, her children, have made,  are gone. So I decided I’d make another one this year.

           It’s the front cover. . . pretty plain and simple. I’ve been out of ideas because I haven’t prepared for this day. So this is what I’ve managed. With a little tutorial from youtube, I made those flowers. Just fold and flip!

         Inside my card, I made a poem. If appearance can’t guarantee the proof of my efforts, then I guess being lyrical can make up for it. Added some doodles, not to forget a picture of a panda and then done! I apologize for the poor penmanship. 🙂

          If you can’t manage to read from the photo, I’ll quote it.

Flowers may grow and wither

But words can live until forever

So three things I have to say

To you this Mother’s Day

First, I want to THANK YOU

For the love and care you give that is true

For staying strong for the family

While heavy burdens you have to carry

Second, as I must, I DO APOLOGIZE

For the mistakes I have come to realize

These things, I know, must have hurt you

But to inflict pain I didn’t intend to

Finally, I’ll say the words that greatly signify

‘Cause despite the times that I defy

In spite of the instances that I disappoint you

My actions may show contrast, I DO LOVE YOU.


          Hungry? Pen fries anyone? I know at some point in your life you bit the edge of your pen or pencil. So now, now. Don’t be shy and take a bite.

Merienda: A Filipino’s Favorite Afternoon Snack

               Filipinos have the tradition of taking a light meal in the afternoon which we call “merienda.” The merienda usually consists of coffee paired with breads and pastries. The most typical bread is pandesal but for my preference, I take sliced bread. I’ve always savored the taste of coffee even at a young age. It even tastes better when you dip a piece of bread and take a bite (The Filipino version of oreo dipped in milk). It gives me the soft feeling from the moistened bread like it melts on your mouth and warm feeling from the hot coffee. I do rather have more cream or milk on it and sugar on my coffee. I do not like to take in too much caffeine.

              Why do we do it? Some people said that it was to sterilize bread before eating it. Not really. I think it’s just a great a combination and a fun way of eating bread. The meal tastes good with the bittersweetness.

              Well, look at my panda mug. Isn’t it cute?

Do you dip bread into coffee too?

Every Teenager Should See this

I would want to post something original today but I just can’t help myself from sharing this vid. It just inspired me to be different in some way. 🙂

*I do not own this video

Moms and Babies (nutripoem)

Three moms there are in this story
Each has their own baby of responsibility
They raise their sons differently
To how they think it should be done properly

Mother one is strict and thrifty
Some say, on money, she’s just being witty
She spends each coin and bill carefully
Never knowing her son would later turn sickly

Mother two is too gentle and kind
“Food is to be indulged,” that’s on her mind
So her son believes she is right
Now all his shirts and pants are tight

Mother three is wise and good
She takes a great deal when it comes to food
Proper nutrition and love she gives
A healthy boy is now how he lives

Three mothers, how different they may be
A parent, that’s still what we see
But if among them I have to choose
To have mother three I’d never refuse

~This was the poem I wrote for our nutrition month in 4th year high school. I didn’t know what I was really thinking that time so I wrote what I felt like writing. This was kept hidden in the notes of my Facebook account so I’d have my own copy and avoid being laughed at for it doesn’t make so much sense. I mean, it doesn’t really contain a bright idea.

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